One Meetup To Rule Them All Hero Image.jpg

Legion M couldn’t be more excited for May 10th opening of Tolkien. To celebrate, we’re organizing opening weekend meetups around the country with free limited edition pins (while supplies last), PLUS an opportunity to win prize packages — including a trip to a Hollywood movie premiere!

To enter, all you need to do is attend one of the opening weekend Tolkien meetups around the country. (Or, if you really want to improve your odds, you can host a meetup). Each meetup will be assigned entries into a drawing based on the number of people who attend (kind of like the reaping in Hunger Games). EVERY PERSON YOU BRING INCREASES YOUR ODDS OF WINNING!

On May 20th, all entries will be put into a drawing and we’ll select “One Meetup To Rule Them All”. EVERYONE attending that meetup will win a prize package that includes a free pair of movie tickets and $30 worth of Legion M gift shares. In addition, the host and one randomly selected attendee from the winning meetup will each win a trip to Hollywood along with two tickets to attend a movie premiere! (Please see official rules for details)

So round up some friends, form your fellowship, and join a Tolkien Meetup Today!